Hi, I'm Daniel.

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This is my story.

I started to read non-fiction books in 2005. Everytime I finished a book, I felt amazing because of all this ‘knowledge’ I had gained. Yet, in reality, I was still not at a point where I wanted to be. Two years ago, I realized that I was some sort of knowledge junkie who almost solely consumed, consumed and consumed. I mixed up collecting knowledge with producing results. Becoming an ‘information junkie’ is one of the biggest traps of any type of self-improvement.

Do you know what the answer was? Taking ACTION.

Instead of being a knowledge junkie, I decided to become an action junkie and actually take action upon all the helpful lessons that I learned. Only after I made that decision did I experienced real results, progress and growth. I shifted from a “consumer mindset” to a “producer mindset.”

I started with a simple rule for myself: For every book I consume, I try to identify at least one action that I can take based on the information I’ve learned. This turned out to be my personal game changer and breakthrough in terms of personal development.

In 2019, I decided to share those actions I crafted for myself with everyone. I made it my mission to help people apply the knowledge of all those great books. I want to do that by providing book reviews and complementary services like Action Plans, which help you to apply the knowledge and take action. The result of that is motivize.me.

Always remember: Reading isn’t enough, we have to put our knowledge into action, otherwise we won’t see great results.